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Kermesse and entertainment games to entertain your children!

Eklabul is committed to entertaining your children in the best of circumstances with a wide variety of games, suitable for all ages. Among our games, we find in particular:

Shooting ranges (bow, nerve,…)

There is nothing like a precision and skillful sports activity to entertain your children. These sports can also help with concentration! Thanks to this discipline, your children will become real Robin Hoods!

The fairground games

A real funfair attraction for young children, we offer you our duck fishing. Depending on their dexterity and the number of ducks caught, children can even receive gifts as a reward if you wish.

Precision games

Games such as the jackpot, mini-bowling,… are widely used for animation games and especially birthdays… Success and laughs guaranteed!

The bubbles

Fun, playful and above all impressive, this animation will give stars in your children’s eyes. Children are always in admiration when soap bubbles fly through the air. Several sets of bubbles of various formats (small, large, various shapes) are at their disposal for these initiations.

Sports games

Children love sports games. This allows them to exercise physically while having fun. Most of the time, these are collective games that take place on sports fields, gardens, beaches… but also adventure games such as zip line, slackline, rope pulling,…

Discover our fair and entertainment games

Let us take care of your children to ensure they have an unforgettable time!
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