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The organisation of themed birthdays

If you wish to organise a themed birthday for your child, at your home or in our premises, we have everything you need! At Eklabul Kids, we can take care of everything: we offer you several theme birthday packages that will perfectly suit your wishes but also those of your child!

We offer to take care of all the entertainment, in order to make sure that your child will have a beautiful birthday party of which he will remember for a long time! Here are the different formulas that we have to offer, so that this birthday will correspond in every point to what you expect.

We propose several birthday packages:

  • Our “turnkey” birthdays including many packaged animations
  • Our “luxury” birthdays: a creation of a theme with tailor-made services
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Our “turnkey” birthdays:

Our first formula: the turnkey birthdays include several animations, based on different themes very appreciated by young children. This formula is for you the assurance of having a complete service, on the theme you have selected with him, with animations and activities specific to the chosen theme.


Discover the circus arts:

  • Balloons sculpture
  • Juggling balls manufacturing
  • Circus entertainment (juggling, small balance material) (as an initiation, a challenge or the creation of a show)

Additional options:

  • Inflatable castle
  • Additional circus equipment: tightrope, trampoline, aerial gantry
  • Circus show

The circus birthday: the children will take great pleasure to discover the circus arts which offer juggling, balance, balloon sculpture, show creation, or even facing a challenge, enough to create exciting moments for everyone.


Experience superhero training:

  • Thematic treasure hunt including many events & test tracks of the super powers of our aspiring heroes

Additional options:

  • SuperHero Show
  • Stunt hero artists

The superhero birthday: let them become heroes for a day, with a superhero training and a treasure hunt (test track and many events). The villains had better watch out!


Treasure hunt on the pirate island:

  • Many events proposed for the pirate training (boarding …)
  • Balloon swords carving

Additional options:

  • Pirate castle
  • Pirate magic show
  • Pirate fire show

The pirate birthday: your young sailors will valiantly go for a treasure hunt on the fascinating pirate island, with fun events (balloon swords carving, ship boarding, etc.). They will join the game in a few seconds!


Come to warm up the dance floor:

  • Small sound system
  • Basic x’4 light kit
  • DJ, microphone host

Additional options :

  • Luxury version with big sound system
  • Additional nightclub lighting (x8)
  • Smoke machine

The mini-party birthday: the dance floor will heat up, with everything needed to get in the right mood: a DJ, a microphone host, lights, a sound system, etc. The kids will love to party!


Participate to the Hogwarts houses meeting:

  • Games of enigmas and confrontation of the houses – Creation of magic wands
  • Quidditch match

Additional options:

  • Bouncy castle
  • Harry Potter Magic Show

The Harry Potter birthday: discover Hogwarts school and its magical world. Create your own wand or Golden Snitch! Participate to a Quidditch game, this famous sport played by wizards, and challenge “he who must not be named” in a wizard duel!


Leave for adventure …

A team challenge where children will test their sense of adventure: a mix between several Koh Lanta & Ninja Warrior events… A blend full of surprises!

Additional options:

  • Mini zip line, monkey bridge (depending on the location of the animation)

The adventurers birthday: for adventure lovers, with sports challenges, by team, inspired by Koh-Lanta and Ninja Warrior games. A maximum of challenge and surprise with the feeling of being an extreme adventurer!


To the conquest of kingdoms:

  • Several events: archery, fencing, medieval games (giant skis race, bag race, …)

Additional options:

  • Inflatable castle
  • Magic show of Merlin the Magician

The princesses and knights birthday: this format invites children to conquer kingdoms, and to participate in medieval games and challenges, which will leave them with unique memories worthy of fairy tales.


Become a Jedi:

  • Jedi’s trail
  • Light Saber making and fight training
  • Pistolaser (Nerf) shooting
  • Enigma and Jedi Code of Conduct

The Star Wars birthday: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… everyone knows the Star Wars universe ; who never dreamed of becoming a Jedi? With our birthday animators, it becomes achievable for your children! They will live the adventures of this famous saga!

Our “luxury” birthdays:

Our second formula: the luxury birthday includes a tailor-made theme creation, with personalized services. We will compose together a specific animation formula according to what your child likes and what you would like to offer him! Our teams will select with you the services and animations that match with the theme of his dreams and the selected place. Your child’s themed birthday on the French Riviera will be totally unforgettable for him and all his friends!

With this formula, make your child’s themed birthday a moment entirely dedicated to his desires.

For any information, you can contact us by clicking on the “contact us” button. You can also request a quote.


We also offer luxury birthdays with the possibility of creating a tailor-made theme according to your child’s wishes…

The services and animations proposed for the birthday will then be selected with you and the animation program will be assembled according to your wishes!

If you want more to make this day really unique for the kids, we offer additional options for each birthday theme. They are specific to the chosen format, allowing you to increase the pleasure of all your little guests!

Also remember to personalize the decoration of this event to immerse the young guests in the atmosphere of the theme you have selected!

Entrust your children to us to ensure them an unforgettable moment!
With Eklabul, circus is everywhere!