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Organise your child’s theme birthday party

The different themes proposed by Eklabul for your child’s birthday

Organizing a birthday for a child can often cause stress, worry and tension for parents. Where to gather all these raging children? How to occupy them all afternoon? What to do in case of rain? Not easy when the guest list suggested by your child looks like a phone book, you live in an apartment and your dear little one was born in January and therefore outdoor activities are to be avoided. Fortunately, Eklabul can help you by offering its services for the organisation of an anniversary on different themes but also by welcoming this anniversary in its premises since Eklabul offers the rental of a room for your child’s birthday. What a great idea!

Circus Theme

Your child is fond of juggling and other acrobatics. He likes clowns, flying balloons, juggling. The circus fascinates him. With balloon sculptures, juggling workshops and other fun games to brighten up his birthday party, this is the perfect theme for him. You also have the possibility of installing a bouncy castle, a balancing wire and a trampoline in your garden, as well as offering a circus performance for children. All this is supervised by a group of child birthday animators at home.

Theme Magic

He likes magic. Perfect. An anniversary on the theme of magic will allow him to achieve a complete initiation to magic, learning different tricks, then performing them proudly in front of the other children during the party.

Superhero Theme

If your child is an unconditional fan of Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Hulk and everyone else (what child isn’t?), throw him a superhero themed costume birthday party. With training, “super powers” test and treasure hunt organized by our group of home child birthday animators. In addition, this theme includes the option of setting up a show with artists-cascadors.

Harry Potter Theme

Dive the children into the extraordinary world of Harry Potter, with its mysteries and magic. Creation of magic wands, confrontation between the two houses (Hogwarts and Slytherin), and quidditch match on the program; with the possibility to perform a magic show in front of this small audience.

Theme Theatre

You have a child who admires theatre. Why not offer him an introduction to comedy on his birthday, through our theatre theme? On the program: discovery of the theatre, creation of a mini-play, rehearsal, performance and the possibility of including the making of a short film of his show to keep a good memory.

Adventurer Theme

Your child is thirsty for adventure and discovery. The adventure circuit concocted by our animation team will awaken the heroism of the children and amuse them a lot, with a lot of little surprises that, be sure, will please them a lot.

Theme Pirates

The world of the seas and pirates makes your child’s eyes shine. Take him to pirate island! A treasure hunt filled with trials for piracy training will be offered during the day, with the possibility of setting up a castle and showing him pirate shows.

Themes Princes, Princesses and Knights

The world of princes, princesses and knights has always made children dream, boys and girls alike. To make sure that your child’s little companions are unanimous, make them conquer the kingdoms with archery, fencing and a plethora of medieval games. Optionally, you can request the installation of a bouncy castle and bring Merlin the Enchanter, in person, to give a magic show.

Mini-boom theme

You think that your child has passed the age for the themes previously mentioned. Then why not give him his first boom? We bring a microphone and DJ presenter to your home, as well as the necessary equipment (sound system, light kit, etc.), to transform your living room into a dance floor.

Other Themes

Finally, we also offer you the possibility of creating your own custom theme, according to your desires and those of your child.

Ask our child birthday entertainment team at your place

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