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Santa’s Costume

The show : Santa’s Costume

Marie-Noëlle is appalled… Someone dared to steal Santa’s costume !

She suspects Jean-Balthazar, Père Fouettard’s boisterous son. But the latter doesn’t cooperate easily, and Marie-Noëlle will have to find how to trick him to get the costume back : she will set up games, challenges and stratagems, sometimes with the audience’s help…

Marie-Noëlle is Santa’s daughter. Pretty, lively and coming from a good family, she seems to be the perfect daughter. But Marie-Noëlle is not as responsible as you might think…

Jean-Balthazar,  whose father is the terror of rude children, hides behind his bad boy exterior a heart of gold, that is revealed by his clumsiness and buffooneries.

Santa's Costume

Title: Santa’s Costume
Duration : 45 min à 1h
Number of artists: 2 artists
Performances:  juggling – tightrope – great illusions – balance on bike – balloon sculpture – acrobatics 

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